Comaiba for Small Physician Practices

Staying compliant is a significant headache for physicians who practice independently or as part of small practice groups. These physicians don’t have access to dedicated resources to conduct periodic audits to perform a risk assessment. The burden of compliance management often falls as secondary duties to the office staff or billing coders who are not trained or equipped to assess and mitigate risks before they become safety and financial liabilities.

Cloud-based Continuous Compliance

Comaiba is a cloud-based health care automation framework that integrates with your existing clinical processes and software systems to provide real time insights and alerts in to key risk areas. It enables physicians and staff to take corrective action to mitigate risks. For example, it helps practices identify key risks based on frequently billed CPTs, referrals or prescriptions that could be ripe for Office of Inspector General (OIG) or payer audits. It also establishes a comprehensive compliance plan with an audit trail that can be used to demonstrate good-faith practices in light of any violations.

Comaiba establishes a cloud-based compliance program as per the OIG guidelines and provided continuous monitoring for key audit areas including:

  • False claims act
  • Anti-kickback statute
  • Physician self-referral law
  • Billing and coding for government and private payers
  • Physician documentation for rendered services
  • HIPAA patient privacy
  • Physician relationship with drug and device manufacturers

In addition to improving quality and productivity, Comaiba can also improve financial performance by indentifying areas of under billing that would leave money on the table for services already rendered. Comaiba performs ongoing risk assessment to assess effectiveness of your compliance controls. As part of its workflow engine, it ensures that all procedures are followed by staff and that they stay current with requisite training. Our holistic approach to integrating key financial, clinical, regulatory also enables physicians to collaborate with their staff (onsite and outsourced) to ensure smooth hand off for compliance tasks that involve multiple stakeholders.