Comaiba for Hospitals and Health Systems

Comaiba provides an end-to-end solution which makes meaningful use of your existing processes and information infrastructure to deliver regulatory compliance, quality-of-care and patient safety. The Comaiba solution enables healthcare executives and physicians to make sophisticated decisions that improve compliance and patient care at a reduced operational cost.

Comaiba solutions help hospitals comply with institutional guidelines mandated by organizations such as CMS, OIG, HIPPA, FDA and the Joint Commission. Comaiba solution libraries enable hospitals to continuously monitor and prevent HIPAA violations, RAC audits, Stark issues and adverse events.

Comaiba can bring institutional standard operating procedures (SOP) to life by setting up automated workflows and risk assessments for key clinical and business task owners. Task owners can communicate key information and append requisite documentation using a rich collaborative framework with a built-in dashboard, email messaging and actionable alerts.

Comaiba also provides department specific solutions to meet institutional accreditations requirements. Key benefits not only include continuous monitoring of existing regulations and policies but also dynamic alerts for any regulatory changes that may affect future accreditation status.