Comaiba solutions help organizations achieve healthcare excellence by taking a holistic, integrated approach to improving the interrelated areas of clinical governance, operational excellence, quality, risk management and compliance.

Comaiba for Clinical Governance
Comaiba for Clinical Governance helps healthcare organizations to implement a systematic and integrated approach to improve clinical responsibility and accountability that improves quality and safety for optimal patient outcomes. Real time insights into performance are helping healthcare organizations to identify areas of opportunities to drive process improvements and demonstrate commitment to quality and patient safety.
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Comaiba for Cytotherapy
Comaiba for Cytotherapy Quality and Compliance is a web-based solution that establishes a quality and compliance monitoring program to meet requirements from FACT (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy), CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and FDA. Comaiba provides real-time monitoring and one-click compliance reporting for all stages of the cellular product lifecycle from collection, processing, storage to transplant.
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Comaiba for Clinical Research
Comaiba for Clinical Research provides a holistic compliance solution that spans the entire protocol lifecycle to improve patient safety and reduce overall costs of conducting clinical trials. Institutions can significantly reduce unnecessary screening, inappropriate enrollment, non-compliant billing and protocol deviations using Comaiba.
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Comaiba for Hospitals and Health Systems
Comaiba for Hospitals and Health Systems provides an end-to-end solution which makes meaningful use of your existing processes and information infrastructure to deliver regulatory compliance, quality-of-care and patient safety. Our solution helps hospitals comply with institutional guidelines mandated by organizations such as CMS, OIG, HIPPA, FDA and the Joint Commission.
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Comaiba for Small Physician Practice
Comaiba for Small Physician Practices is a cloud-based solution that establishes a continuous compliance monitoring program as per OIG guidelines. It enables small physician practices to indentify key risks, take corrective action and record an audit trail for violations related to issues such as government fraud, payer billing and HIPAA.
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